International Project & Quality Management Institutet -Payment gateway qualified graduate applicants can register here for certification, membership and fellow status.

This certification registration web-page is here to keep applicants informed who are qualified under the graduate requirements and met the graduate standards to make the certification payment of US$100. In addition, this site allows individuals, corporations or companies to make payment for membership or certification by using bank note or wire transfer. You should receive your certificates within 4-7 weeks.

As markets become more complex, business professionals are challenged to play a more dynamic role in their company's success than ever before. The IPQMI Certificate in Business/Management is designed to help professionals master the complexities of managing businesses and strengthen their skills in current business theory and practice. It helps you become a highly productive manager and enhance your organization's competitiveness.

Through exposure to a broad range of management theories and practices, this certificate prepares you for leadership and management roles in business. Certification by a high-quality, independent academic institution can legitimize professional knowledge and validate transferable skills - a critical factor in changing jobs across industries. The Certificate has been developed for you pursuing a professional designation from an association or institute association, university, and/or college alumni adding management responsibilities to their portfolios candidates for career change, from both university and non-university backgrounds.

1.Certificate of Network Management (CNM)

2.Chartered Production Management Professional (CPMP)

3.Certificate of Risk Analyst (CRA)

4.Certificate of Housekeeping Management (CHM)

5.Certificate of Sport Management (CSM)

6.Certificate of Business Strategist Management (CBSM)

7.Recorded Financial Specialist (RFS)

8.Portfolio Management Professional (PMP)

9.Certificate of Wealth Management (CWM)

10.Certified Financial Engineer (CFE)

11.Master of Project Management Professional (MPMP)

12.Certificate of Network Management (CNM)

13.Chartered Project Management Professional (CPMP)

14.Master of Quality Management Professional (MQMP)

15.Master of Project Management Professional (MPMP)

16.Baking Certificate (BC)

17.Chartered Agronomy (CA)

18.Chartered Acupressure Technology Professional (CATP)(Level-A)

19.Chartered Acupressure Technology Professional (CATP)(Level-B)

20.Chartered Acupressure Technology Professional (CATP)(Level-C)

21.Chartered Biotechnology Professional (CBP)(Level-A)

22.Chartered Biotechnology Professional (CBP)(Level-B)

23.Chartered Biotechnology Professional (CBP)(Level-C)

24.Chartered Business Strategist (CBS)

25.Chartered Business Strategist Management (CBSM)

26.Chartered Cosmetologist (CC)

27.Chartered Environment Engineering Professional (CEEP)(Level-A)

28.Chartered Environment Engineering Professional (CEEP)(Level-B)

29.Chartered Environment Engineering Professional (CEEP)(Level-C)

30.Chartered Fire Control Professional (CFCP)(Level-A)

31.Chartered Fire Control Professional (CFCP)(Level-B)

32.Chartered Fire Control Professional (CFCP)(Level-C)

33.Chartered Functional Management (CFM)

34.Certificate Jewelry Techniques -Level-A (CJT-Level-A)

35.Certificate Jewelry Techniques -Level-B (CJT-Level-B)

36.Certificate Jewelry Techniques -Level-C (CJT-Level-C)

37.Chartered Gardening Design (CGD)

38.Chartered Human Resource Management (CHRM)

39.Chartered International Business Hosting Etiquette Professional (CIBHEP)(C-level)

40.Chartered International Business Social Etiquette Professional (CIBSEP)(C-level)

41.Chartered Information Technology Management (CITM)

42.Chartered Innovation Management (CIM)

43.Chartered Knowledge Management (CKM)

44.Chartered Labor Safety (CLS)

45.Chartered Marketing Management (CMM)

46.Chartered Manufacturing Management (CMM)

47.Chartered Nanny (CN)

48.Chartered Photographic (CP)

49.Chartered Professional Medical Examiner (CPME)(Level-A)

50.Chartered Professional Medical Examiner (CPME)(Level-B)

51.Chartered Professional Medical Examiner (CPME)(Level-C)

52.Chartered Risk Management (CRM)

53.Chartered Safety Health Professional (CSHP)

54.Chartered Sport Management (CSM)

55.Chartered of Wealth Managerial Professional (CWMP)

56.Internet Marketing Analyst (IMA)(C-level)

57.Internet Marketing Planner (IMP)(C-level)

58.Master of Accountant Management Professional(CAMP)

59.Master of Financial Professional (MFP)

60.Master of Innovation Management Professional (MIMP)

61.Master of Knowledge Management Professional(MKMP)

62. Nail Technician Certificate (NTC)

63.Recorded Business Analyst (RBA)

64.Registered Financial Specialist Professional (RFSP)

65.Chartered I Ching Divination-Level-A(CICD-Level-A)

66.Chartered I Ching Divination-Level-B(CICD-Level-B)

67.Chartered I Ching Divination-Level-C(CICD-Level-C)

68.Chartered I-Ching Business Administration Marketing -Level-A (CICBAM-Level-A)

69.Chartered I-Ching Business Administration Marketing -Level-B (CICBAM-Level-B)

70.Chartered I-Ching Business Administration Marketing -Level-C (CICBAM-Level-C)

71.Chartered I-Ching Palmistry and Physiognomy -Level-A (CICPP-Level-A)

72.Chartered I-Ching Palmistry and Physiognomy -Level-B (CICPP-Level-B)

73.Chartered I-Ching Palmistry and Physiognomy -Level-C (CICPP-Level-C)

74.Chartered Nameology-Level-A (CN-Level-A)

75.Chartered Nameology-Level-B (CN-Level-B)

76.Chartered Nameology-Level-C (CN-Level-C)

77.Chartered Natural I-Ching Health Preservation-Level-A (CNICHP-Level-A)

78.Chartered Natural I-Ching Health Preservation-Level-B (CNICHP-Level-B)

79.Chartered Natural I-Ching Health Preservation-Level-C (CNICHP-Level-C)

80.Chartered Natural Living Environment I-Ching Aesthetics-Level-A (CNLEICA-Level-A)

81.Chartered Natural Living Environment I-Ching Aesthetics-Level-B (CNLEICA-Level-B)

82.Chartered Natural Living Environment I-Ching Aesthetics-Level-C (CNLEICA-Level-C)

83.Chartered Observing and Looking toward Stars Astronomy -Level-A (COLSA-Level-A)

84.Chartered Observing and Looking toward Stars Astronomy -Level-B (COLSA-Level-B)

85.Chartered Observing and Looking toward Stars Astronomy -Level-C (COLSA-Level-C)

86.Chartered Qi Men Dun Jia -Level-A (CQMDJ-Level-A)

87.Chartered Qi Men Dun Jia -Level-B (CQMDJ-Level-B)

88.Chartered Qi Men Dun Jia -Level-C (CQMDJ-Level-C)

89.Chartered Religion Etiquette -Level-A (CRE-Level-A)

90.Chartered Religion Etiquette -Level-B (CRE-Level-B)

91.Chartered Religion Etiquette -Level-C (CRE-Level-C)

92.Chartered Traditional Health Preservation -Level-A (CTHP-Level-A)

93.Chartered Traditional Health Preservation -Level-B (CTHP-Level-B)

94.Chartered Traditional Health Preservation -Level-C (CTHP-Level-C)

95.Chartered Zi Wei Dou Shu -Level-A (CZWDS-Level-A)

96.Chartered Zi Wei Dou Shu -Level-B (CZWDS-Level-B)

97.Chartered Zi Wei Dou Shu -Level-C (CZWDS-Level-C)

98.Chartered Zu-Ping Birthdate Eight Characters -Level-A (CZPBEC-Level-A)

99.Chartered Zu-Ping Birthdate Eight Characters -Level-B (CZPBEC-Level-B)

100.Chartered Zu-Ping Birthdate Eight Characters -Level-C (CZPBEC-Level-C)

101.Chartered Aromatherapist Professional (CAP)

102.Chartered Muscle and Fitness Training and Management Professional (CMFTMP)

103.Chartered Taoist Priest and Religious Etiquette Manager (CTPREM)

104.Certificate of Animal Training and Healthcare Management(CATHM)

105.Pet Groomer Certificate(PGC

106.Carbon Finance Consultant(CFC)

107.ESG Carbon Credit Professional(ESGCCP)

108.ESG Sustainability Management Professional(ESGSMP)

109.Certificate of English Language Professional(CELP)/span>

110.Chartered Psychology Counselor(CPC)

111.Certificate of Coffeeology Professional(CCO)

112.Certificate of Lounge Bar Professional(CLBP)

113.Certified ESG Consultant

114.Master ESG Consultant

115.Doctoral ESG Senior Consultan