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IPQMI is the leading global association for the project and quality management profession. , We have been at the forefront of working with business to create project management standards and techniques that work.

IPQMI reached a credit mutual recognition agreement with many well-known universities
 in the States and IPQMI is also coordinate with CIAI, AIPQMI,COSA, IOPCA,-----etc.
well-known international organizations to hold global financial, taxation, investment, law,
wealth management, securities management, economics and e-commerce and other issues

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Changing Economy, Changing Portfolio

Today's economic outlook is forcing organizations to change the way they manage their portfolio.

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The purpose of this award is to recognize one IPQMI member for outstanding contribution(s) to the development and advancement of the project & quality management profession and contribution(s) to the Institute completed in the previous calendar year.

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As an international association, the IPQMI enables our members to develop robust expertise for managing the massive volumes of finance, accounting, and enterprise management generated by today's businesses. For the past years we have worked to bring recognition of project & quality management issues to the business world. As a result, the IPQMI has adopted the role of industry catalyst for the development of financial specifications and global standards, and education...

The status of Courtesy Associate is offered to organizations with which the IPQMI wishes to foster a closer working relationship...

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Flexible Program Scope
-industries and service sectors. Starting with planning, budgeting and controlling programs extending further to Project and Quality Management in general and on to functional programs in risk management and compliance or corporate governance.